Sunday, January 21, 2007

Shaking the Planet

Oh dear, I have not posted for a long time already.
Last year, two of my hard disks crashed, so I lost my archives of photographs :(:(:( however, I have been out and about capturing more people in action - which I aim to present here in the next couple of weeks.

For the past week, I have been attending the planetshakers conference. I think you can make more impact if you eat more. Presenting... some planetshakers

Derwin plans his next move while his mouth is occupied processing the plunder of the previous attack.

Derwin attacks as planned and looks forward for his next target.

Tim wears sunglasses so we can not see his hungry eyes.

One handed eating!!! pro pro pro!!!
The other hand holding a cup of orange juice - to help it go down due to the insufficient saliva production.


Jeremy stuffs it in good!

Daniel looks at me while eating his ham sandwiche... I think I am next.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Happy 21st Peter Bui!

Happy Birthday Peter Bui (9th September 2006), had a gathering at Kings Park today! Gathering means food! and food means pictures! Ho ho ho! Anyway! Time for pictures :D

It is good to eat lettuce! Paul is being good!

It is good to eat fruits! Lisa is eating a pear! Lisa-sister is eating a pear! Good Lisa! Good Lisa-sister! (Sorry, I did not learn Lisa-sister name!)

It is good to see sisters eating fruits together!
Good Lisa-sister and Lisa!

Chocolate birthday cake is very nice to eat as well!
Chocolate is good!

That is a big slice of cake!

and it's finished so fast! Yum.

Lisa-sister looks up just before the cake enters her mouth! *surprise!* I'm caught!

Paul's cake looks smaller. Did he get less? Or did he eat it already?

and finally, Malcolm demonstrating eating Peter Bui chocolate birthday cake from different angles:

Sunday, August 27, 2006

Time to be more sneaky.

As more people become aware of my pleasure gained from photographing people eating. They either avoid eating around me, or pose with food. I'd rather they not pose as it's rather unnatural. However, here's a nice bunch of people from today!

Watch and imagine. When theres nothing on your fork, look at the food and imagine!

Now now, that's a big big piece of bread! Do you think he can fit it in? Maybe if he looks at the food instead of the camera. I'm scared that my camera may be eaten! "I see you see you see you!!"

An eating conversation. It's JianNing's turn ;)

Alex caught with his mouth full. This was taken from waist height, so he didn't know ;)

Isaac... mouth full!

I'm hungry now.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

too busy eating.

I missed many opportunities to take pictures of people eating - why?
because I was too busy eating! arhhh! Taking pictures of people eating requires a bit of sacrifice - to either not eat, or to eat really fast. Taking pictures while eating is a bit difficult.
If I don't get any new ones soon, I'll have to use the pictures from the reserve collection (Frances!!!)

Saturday, August 19, 2006

You need maths.

When I was younger, my mother always told me that you need maths for everything.

Many things change with time. Differentiation with respect to time measures the rate of change, but this is only at a particular instant in time.
In the short interval of time between the opening and closing of the shutter, one image is captured. Assuming continuity and differentiability, we can think (within bounds) what happened before and after that certain point. Sometimes when we take a photograph, we capture someone blinking - freezing that position and looking at it makes it look, perhaps, rather strange - but it is happening! We are always blinking. When we are eating, people may not look funny, or you may not realise until you take a snapshot in that instant of time, leaving the still image that can be enjoyed.

I let Jess use my camera and I came home to find this!
Thanks Jess! Thanks Cheyenne!
What is Cheyenne doing in the photograph?
10 things she could be doing.
1) Yawning
2) Sneezing
3) Shouting at Jess not to take the photograph
4) Singing
5) The chips might be spicy
6) Caught chewing with her mouth wide open
7) Waiting for Jess to throw a chip in her mouth
8) In shock
9) Breathing through her mouth
10) Posing for the photograph

Based on this instant in time, we could only guess what she is doing. The bag of chips and chip in her hand suggest that she is eating, so we could assume that she is eating, but the facial expression causes doubt, as we do not usually observe this when people eat. A photograph taken before this particular photograph would have aided our prediction about what will happen next - as we learn that the best predictor of the future is often the past. But it will also help build a larger image of what has/will be happening.

Next is my friend ChungYi Chen, when it comes to free stuff - Chung is the champion.
His girlfriend Annie told me that in previous outings, he has made the peoeple serving the food come to him, and he eats, eats and eats! Capturing this wonder in action is amazing!
On Wednesday night, because of Engineering week, we got free entry into Scitech. On top of that, there was free food. Of course we wouldn't resist!

Why the long face? The food is free!

Chung on the lookout for the next target before he even finishes what's in his mouth. Alex at the back stuffed his face so much that he needs to use his hand to help him close his mouth.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Chips with Chopsticks?

First time I've seen this! Who? Peter Bao Viet Nguyen!

and while I was in the ref...

Eat it!!!!

Go EUJ!!! (Eujeen is going to revenge me for this!!)

One trend I'm noticing, people don't look at their food while eating!

Sunday, August 13, 2006

Corporate Lunch + more

On the 8th of February 2006, Tony came back for a week from working up North, and we went to have lunch with the working people! Kien, Alex and Pauline.

Kien must have been working hard, and so hungry - you never see him open his mouth so big when eating.

I went out to the city with my cousin, he had sushi!

What is Hwaang looking at?

Probably looking at girls again!

Tim with Hubert behind!

Better concentrate, otherwise bite fingers off!

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Places to Eat at Uni

There's the civil labs:

There's broadway

and there's the ref

Church Chinese New Year Celebrations

Chinese New Year is a good time to eat.
Eating is a good time for photographs.
Here's some action from the Church's Chinese New Year Celebration!

Aunty eat!

Matt and Nat eat!

Man eat!

Children eat!

Minh eat!


Pastor eat! (but don't eat your fingers)

Alvin Liang's 20th Birthday

20th February 2005
Birthday is a good time to celebrate.
Celebration is a good time to eat!
Without further delay, for your viewing pleasure: